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Part of what makes me need to organize all my blogging jobs is I hate wasting time. Like, despise it. Like, I wish to pull my hair out as my time has been wasted. So, this morning as it required me +3 hours to find out how to configure a Lightroom mobile preset I purchased off Etsy, I had been at my wit’s end! I had such a difficult time figuring out just how to find this preset on my cellphone and use it for my photos, so I am discussing the tutorial I wish I had had the entire moment. Here we go! (Affiliate Link) I settled on the Cozy preset from Etsy. 1. Download the Lightroom CC Mobile App Pretty self-explanatory. Download the app and create an Adobe accounts in case you don’t have one. You don’t have to pay for an Adobe license. 2. Download the Lightroom Mobile Preset to Your Phone If you bought your preset Etsy (such as me! ) Then perform the following: First, open your mobile browser and go to Etsy. Com (NOT the program! ) . Proceed to your requests and download the. DNG file which came with your own preset. 3. Save the preset for your telephone (if you can). What every tutorial told me Lightroom Presets is Etsy was that I should conserve the. DNG file into my Camera Roll in my iPhone 7, start the Lightroom program, click on the”…” at the upper corner, then”Add to…” and upload the. DNG file that is in my camera roster. None of this seemed to work. I ran into ALL the problems. I kept receiving an error message that the photo couldn’t be imported. For some reason, my iPhone 7 couldn’t save the file properly, so here’s what I’d… Downloaded the. DNG file on my phone and a small pop up revealed along the bottom with the file Clicked”Open with…” and I AirDropped it into my husband’s iPhone X AirDropped back to my own phone where it saved to my Camera Roll Opened the Lightroom Mobile program Clicked”…” and included a new photo Uploaded the. DNG record Boom, it finally worked. It will show the thumbnail picture (preset) and say DNG in the upper corner 4. How to Use the Lightroom Mobile Preset Using the preset isn’t hard Whatsoever! Just click on the. DNG file you uploaded that has got the preset, then”…” in the upper right, and also”Copy configurations” (you might also need to click on OK). Then, start the photo you need to edit, then click”…” at the very best, and”Paste settings

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