Model SSEPD15-1
Brand Silversteel
Machine Origin Made in Singapore
Size L1400 x W1400 x H3000 mm
Mode Auto/Manual/Integrated
Power Supply 230vAC 50Hz 1Phase (Customisable)
Air Supply 6 Bar, clean and dry compressed air.

Specification varies and customised to your unique needs.


The pallet dispenser automatically prepares pallet such that it is ready for dispensing to either:

  1. An operator with a forklift or pallet jack
  2. Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)/ Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  3. Integrated Conveyor System

The benefits are:

  1. Increase productivity.
    • Shorter pallet retrieval time to up to 50%.
  2. Increase workplace safety.
    • Avoid work injury of heavy lifting over shoulders, as operators do not need to retrieve pallet from top of the stack.
    • Pallet dispenser promotes better house-keeping and orderliness of usage of pallets either stacking of RM pallets or dispensing of FG pallets. No more tripping hazards from loose pallets on the production floor.
  3. Optimise production space.
    • Pallet dispenser allow pallets to be stacked higher, thus freeing up valuable factory production space for other value-added purposes.
  4. Reduce damaged pallets.
    • Reduce manual handling of pallets.
    • Reduce pallet falling from height resulting to chip-off corners or broken base.

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