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Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships with best-in-class suppliers across all technologies, to enable success in automation. Our closely-knit partnerships and engineering know-how, enables us to deliver the right automation solution and technologies integration for your application.

System Integration

From dispensing, packaging, labeling, surface disinfection to industry-specific machinery, we incorporate a wide variety of technologies to optimise our client’s production line. Our experience in delivering manufacturing solutions includes integration of the latest manufacturing technologies and upgrades, keeping our client at the forefront of their industry.


Dispensing Solutions

  • Solid, Liquid, Powder dispense
  • High viscosity dispense
  • Positive displacement dispense
  • Time-pressure dispense
  • Peristaltic pump dispense
  • Piezo-electric dispense


Surface Treatment Solutions

  • UVC surface treatment
  • Ozone treatment
  • Chemical treatment


Inspection Systems

  • Metal Detector
  • X-ray
  • Checkweighing
  • Sorting


Material Handling Systems

Printing and Labeling Systems

Turnkey Packaging Systems

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Automation Modules

Our automation modules offer a high degree of conformity and standardization, designed from the outset to meet our client’s unique requirements.

Cam, Pneumatic & Servo Driven Motion

We infuse cam-driven technology to bring about highly precise repetitive motion with low controls processing requirements. Where easy maintenance is of priority, we incorporate pneumatic cylinders and actuators to bring about cost-effective solution for point-to-point movements. For highly controlled motion, we use servo motor to bring about precisely rapid and complex movements. With our experience, we built machines that allow us to integrate all three types of motion mechanism, offering our customers an unparalleled flexibility in automation solutions.

Indexing Dial Tables

As a means of highly repeatable precision indexing, we have introduced Dial Indexers to many of our clients, requiring high yield throughput solution within a limited space. This circular conveyance principle adds long lifetime and low maintenance effort to the assembly line. As majority of our projects require the rotations to be programmable and highly flexible, our Dial indexers is usually powered by servo motor and cam controlled indexer.


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A common necessity for conveyance, we introduced conveyors in many of the production lines we built, as a low cost and efficient means of material transport in an oriented fashion. Our conveyors are built to meet our client’s product requirement. Including but not limited to – flat belt, multi-flexing chain, mesh belts, high cleat belts, stainless steel 304/316 rollers, and tubeveyors, we offer our clients a wide range of conveyor fittings, for maximum product traction and conveyancing ease.


  • Power and Idle Conveyors
  • Programmable Conveyor
  • Precision Indexing Conveyors
  • Tubeveyor
  • Chainveyor

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Robotic Arm

To replace tedious, repetitive and dangerous jobs, we introduce a range of bespoke automation solutions. One of which, is robotic solutions complete with integration of our custom-built end effectors and grippers, to execute specific applications in challenging environments.


Auto-guided Vehicle (AGVs)

Designed to automate traditionally labour intensive chores, our range of AGV solutions are programmed to complete manual tasks such as transporting WIP items between stations, storage of items in warehouse and cold room. Arming our AGVs with collaborative robots, we have infused automation with mobility, uncovering further automation possibilities in difficult environments.

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Arming production lines with advanced inspection solutions, manufacturers are able to keep abreast to higher quality assurance and regulatory standards and conform to the need for tighter fault detection.


Our quality inspection systems includes but not limited to:

  • Vision Systems
  • X Ray Systems
  • Advanced Sorting Systems
  • Metal Detection
  • Checkweigher
  • Label Print Verification
  • Barcode Reading
  • Barcode Quality Grading


We implement quality inspection systems in the following categories:

  • Defect Detection
  • Weight Check
  • Contamination Detection
  • Part Presence and Orientation
  • Tolerance Monitoring
  • Component Measurement
  • Traceability

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