Sunshine is the oldest disinfection method on Earth. Germicidal UV-C wavelength of 253.7nm is best suited for the decontamination of air, water, surfaces, etc. The DNA of microorganisms are changed so that reproduction is no longer possible. It is heavily used in the health care and food industry for its air purification, surface sterilisation, and odour removal applications.

UVC solutions are widely used in Bakery, Food Processing, Commercial Kitchen, Healthcare, HVAC, Waster & Water Treatment Industries.

UVC Cabinets

UV Cabinet

UV chambers for laboratory or small-scale production. They differ primarily in size of the UV irradiation area and are therefore suitable for different batch sizes. The UV devices are fitted with an electronic timer from 0 – 999 hrs as well as an operating hours counter.

The advantages of UV chambers

  • Use for multiple tasks
  • Low temperature development
  • Decreased exposure time with increased effectiveness
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Safety for human health and the environment
  • Modular system allows needs orientation

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UVC Tunnel

UVC Tunnel

The task of this stainless steel UV tunnel is to rid food and packaging of germs. The products which pass by are irradiated from all sides with the built-in UVC emitters to obtain optimum production conditions in a high-care area.

Our UV sanitizing tunnel is designed for a 360 degree UV disinfection. The products are transported on a stainless steel grid belt, so that the UV lamps below the belt are sanitizing the goods from the bottom side. It is a perfect equipment as a disinfection channel into high-care production areas, suitable for food, packing material, tools, etc.

To remove dust from the goods, air knifes can be installed as an option prior the UV sanitizing section.

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UVC Lamps

UVC Lamps

UV Light against Contamination

Germ levels in the air can present a tricky situation: one is defenceless and can neither see nor smell, hear or feel the danger. However, the germs are always there. But this can be a thing of the past thanks to UV lamps.

UV Lights and their benefits

  • Up to 99.99% destruction of many type of microorganisms
  • Air purification without chemicals
  • Improvements of room atmosphere
  • Decontamination through natural air circulation, therefore no sound
  • Models with protective reflectors can operate with people in the room

Application of UV-Lights

1.    In the air-disinfection

  • Food industry – consumer, production or storage sectors
  • Doctor’s offices, hospitals, senior’s homes, daycare centres
  • Laboratories
  • In buildings with high traffic
  • In public transportation

2.    As surface disinfection

  • Appliances, machines, instruments
  • Food (fruit and vegetables, etc.) and packaging
  • Work surfaces

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UVC Mobile

UVC Mobil

The UV Mobil offers a very flexible UV/Ozone solution for room disinfection. The mobile room sanitizer can be equipped with normal UV-C lights as well as ozone lamps.

Air and exposed surfaces are decontaminated through the UV-C rays of the room disinfector. Even hidden places can show decent results due to reflections. Dangerous hospital pathogens such as methicillin-resistent staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), enterococci, anterobacteriaceae and pseudomonas aeruginosa can be killed upto a rate of 99,9%. Even high critical pathogens such as SARS, Corona and EBOLA are killed with the UV light, which makes the treatment and working conditions more safe.

If the room sanitizer is equipped with ozone emitters, nooks and crannies can also be decontaminated. Modern operating theatres have a lot of equipment inside, which cannot be cleaned with common methods in this cases a UV Mobil with ozone lamps is the perfect solution.

The treatment time is very fast and effective, so that the treated rooms can be used in a short time again.
The room sanitizer is made out of aluminium, with high-quality wheels to move it room-to-room.

Benefits of the UV MOBIL

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Modern, effective and natural method, without chemicals
  • No chemical residue in the air and thus no odour
  • No build up of germ resistance
  • Easy to clean thus easy installation and maintenance
  • Low operation costs due to low energy consumption, endurance and maintenance costs
  • Motion dedector as safety switch
  • Stainless steel ring as lamp protection and practical handle.

Application of the UV MOBIL

  • Operating theatre
  • Patient rooms
  • Intensive care rooms
  • Laboratories

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UVC air purifier

UVC Air Purifier

Germ-free air with air purifier

Door handles, sanitation units or food – one assumes these to be most contaminated by germs. However, air holds the highest contamination potential. Luckily, professional air purifier can offer assistance.

Air purifiers use the knowledge that microorganisms are sensitive to UV-C radiation. Therefore, the use of UV-C radiation via special lamps is the foundation of the air purifiers, in which contaminated air is exposed to powerful UV radiation via ventilators.

UV air purifiers and their benefits

  • Air contamination nearly completely eliminated
  • No chemicals
  • People may or may not be present in the space
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Viruses, bacteria and mold are destroyed
  • Creates a healthy atmosphere

Uses for UV air purifiers

  • Doctor’s offices, hospitals, daycares and apothecaries
  • Public institutions
  • Food industry
  • Refrigeration and storage facilities
  • High-traffic areas

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