Thermoforming Machine


The thermoforming machine automatically forms bag, from a pre-loaded reel of heat sealable roll film. Products are loaded onto the bag directly, by operator or robot or Material handling system. Conveyor will bring the product to a top seal system. Products go through MAP or vacuum process, and finally each bag is heat sealed into an airtight pouch.

  1. Suitability
    1. Suitable for clients with horizontal space and requires high speed packing.
    2. For all types of solid, powder, liquid products including those with difficult flow and sticky nature. Application includes:
      1. Solids
        • Any solid products of regular or irregular shape
      2. Powder
      3. Liquid
        • Liquid of any viscosities with or without granules, as long as external filling system is able to handle.
    3. Depending on product, our weight per pack can range from 1g to 5kg and more.
  2. Optional Features
    1. Straight Cut or Zig-Zag Cut Pattern
    2. Pure Modified Atmospheric Packaging system or Pure Vacuum System or Both
    3. Digital Thermal Transfer Overhead Printer Integration