UVC Air Purifier


Germ-free air with air purifier

Door handles, sanitation units or food – one assumes these to be most contaminated by germs. However, air holds the highest contamination potential. Luckily, professional air purifier can offer assistance.

Air purifiers use the knowledge that microorganisms are sensitive to UV-C radiation. Therefore, the use of UV-C radiation via special lamps is the foundation of the air purifiers, in which contaminated air is exposed to powerful UV radiation via ventilators.

UV air purifiers and their benefits

  • Air contamination nearly completely eliminated
  • No chemicals
  • People may or may not be present in the space
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Viruses, bacteria and mold are destroyed
  • Creates a healthy atmosphere

Uses for UV air purifiers

  • Doctor’s offices, hospitals, daycares and apothecaries
  • Public institutions
  • Food industry
  • Refrigeration and storage facilities
  • High-traffic areas