UVC Lamps


UV Light against Contamination

Germ levels in the air can present a tricky situation: one is defenceless and can neither see nor smell, hear or feel the danger. However, the germs are always there. But this can be a thing of the past thanks to UV lamps.

UV Lights and their benefits

  • Up to 99.99% destruction of many type of microorganisms
  • Air purification without chemicals
  • Improvements of room atmosphere
  • Decontamination through natural air circulation, therefore no sound
  • Models with protective reflectors can operate with people in the room

Application of UV-Lights

1.    In the air-disinfection

  • Food industry – consumer, production or storage sectors
  • Doctor’s offices, hospitals, senior’s homes, daycare centres
  • Laboratories
  • In buildings with high traffic
  • In public transportation

2.    As surface disinfection

  • Appliances, machines, instruments
  • Food (fruit and vegetables, etc.) and packaging
  • Work surfaces