The strong base of SilverSteel customers is not only a result of the innovative solutions we engineer, but through our commitment to provide first class service and support. We strongly pride ourselves to be your integrated supply source for all systems and machine components, for both industry-standard spare parts and those we manufacture in house.

Majority of our clients have chosen to adopt scheduled preventive maintenance packages. The frequency of preventive maintenance will be proposed on project basis, in accordance to client needs. Our trained engineers will at scheduled dates, perform comprehensive technical support, to ensure your production line operates smoothly and efficiently.

The scope of our technical support experience include:

  1. Comprehensive maintenance and service agreements, warranties
  2. Emergency parts and service
  3. Hands-on and classroom training
  4. Complete technical documentation
  5. Operator skill set evaluation
  6. Automation and Machinery audit
  7. Online remote diagnostics

As a leading systems integrator, SilverSteel has the pricing power for spare parts that single customers are not able to obtain independently. We pass these savings onto customers, to keep long term cost of automation down. We are a single point of contact and offer competitive pricing for spare parts and time-critical replacements.

Our objectives for operator training is to ensure effective and sustained knowledge transfer. Through our training, operators who are going to operate and maintain the equipment can do so efficiently and effectively so that equipment continues to operate at peak on demand. Our trainers will begin with an understanding of your employee skill-levels and technical knowledge, and recommending the tools, training and resources your operator will need over the long term. We believe in hands-on approach, and your operator will be taught and tested, to make sure they have learned the operating principles of the system, and are confident to operate it independently.

SilverSteel will engineer, design, manufacture, install, and debug modifications your systems and equipment as your automation needs changes over time. Whether changes are due to a new products, changed processes, or improving output,  we will be able to  leverage our vast experience to meet your challenges.

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