Horizontal Flow Wrapper


The horizontal flow wrapper automatically forms bag of required style, from a pre-loaded reel of heat sealable roll film. Products are loaded on a conveyor with cleat, by operator or robot or Material handling system. Conveyor will bring the product into the bag formed, and finally heat seal each bag into an airtight pouch.


  1. Suitability
    1. Suitable for clients with horizontal space and requires high speed packing.
    2. For certain types of dry solid products with regular shape only. Application includes:
      1. Solids
        • Food: Biscuits, Pasta Sticks, Chocolates Bars, 1kg Dry Bee hoon in rectangular block shape, etc.
        • Non Food: Wet Tissue, Souvenirs, etc.
    3. Depending on product, our weight per pack can range from 1g to 10kg and more.
  2. Optional Features
    1. Straight Cut or Zig-Zag Cut Pattern
    2. No Product- No Seal sensor system
    3. Nitrogen Flushing function depending on products
    4. Continuous or Intermittent production
    5. Digital Thermal Transfer Overhead Printer Integration