Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine


This system automatically forms bag of required style, from a pre-loaded reel of heat sealable roll film. Machine fills a predetermined weight into the formed bag, and finally heat seal each bag into an airtight pouch.

  1. Suitability
    1. Suitable for clients with high vertical space and requires high speed packing.
    2. For all types of solid, powder, liquid products including those with difficult flow and sticky nature. Application includes:
      • Solids
      • Large Granular solids – nuggets, fish balls
      • Small Granular solids- rice, nuts, sweets
      • Delicate solids- biscuits, crackers
      • Sticky solids- raw meat cubes
      • Portioned Noodles
      • Powder – flour
      • Liquid
      • Low viscosity – egg yolk, water, soup with small granular solids
      • High viscosity – pineapple paste, peanut butter, chilli sauce with seeds
      • Depending on product, our weight per pack can range from 1g to 10kg and more.
  2. Optional Features
    1. Various methods of conveying products to filling system: Linkage to existing production machine, Vacuum conveying, SUS304 conveyor, Bucket conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Chainveyor, Tubeveyor, Cross-level or room-to-room conveying etc.
    2. Various methods of filling system: Auger, Multi-head Weigher, Linear head Weigher, Rotary lobe pumps, Volumetric Cup Filling etc.
    3. Continuous or Intermittent production
    4. Vacuum function depending on products
    5. Digital Thermal Transfer Overhead Printer Integration
    6. Weight feed-back system (for automatic weight adjustments)
    7. Squeeze-exhaust pouch for liquid filling
    8. 2 level SUS304 Support Structure